Customer Feedback

When we install and maintain or service your air conditioning equipment, we know we do a great job and all our many happy customers write in to tell us!

We really do get letters and emails from happy, satisfied customers telling of their success with new cooling systems or equipment installed and maintained by us. Here are some of those stories for your enjoyment.

Jane (San Leandro, CA)

"A few months back, my grandmother who is still only in her late fifties wanted to shake off her matronly image and get herself a cool AC system in her home so she could start exercising indoors and get fit looking again after many years of doing very little to maintain her health. Well, she did not want to be doing any strenuous workouts at home, but liked the idea of dancing to the great Zumba system that she had heard about. Well, she already learned how to use a computer and the Internet, so she put her skills to work and researched where to get the set at the best price and with the best deal. She found it almost right away and while she checked out several top stores, this was the best one for her. So she bought it and when it came she got started on it right away. At first she could only manage about twenty minutes as it wore her out pretty fast, but she enjoyed that kind of wearing out so much that she kept on with it day after day, gradually doing more each day. Today my grandmother has a new image a new look and a new body thanks to being able to exercise indoors because it was cool enough and how dancing taught her to achieve real fitness and happiness!"

Ian (San Rafael, CA)

"My aunt has always wanted to enjoy a cool interior atmosphere in her home and seen as she is only in her late 40s, I guess she deserves to be comfortable any way she can. She has never been one to complain because she loves her life so much, but she does like to get physical doing the housework and so she contacted Pacific HVAC Depot to arrange for a quotation and to explain all her options of AC systems. Well that was two months ago and she went ahead and got a great central AC installation on their recommendation. In that time, she has been very happy with her new cool home and she now doesn't feel so worn out after getting her housework done because it's not so hot in there now. So now she goes around the house dressed in designer label clothes that look great on her and her old, happy self has come back, she hopes for good. She still goes out for walks away every day and intends to keep doing it because she loves coming home after her exertions to a cool house where she can relax. She says it has made her feel young again and she certainly looks the way she feels!"

Charlotte (Vallejo, CA)

"I have never been a big fan of doing anything active and the very idea of exercise is just a foreign notion that has exactly zero appeal to me. Why? Because my house is always so hot through the summer months and I always feel tired and drained of energy by the heat. But my lack of activity combined with a none too healthy diet over the years has led to me getting being pretty overweight. My best friend suggested I take a look at getting an air conditioning system installed to cool down the house and give her more energy. Then I could start an exercise program that I could do at home and never feel too hot and physically drained by the oppressive heat. So I reluctantly found a good AC company online: Pacific HVAC who are local in the bay area of San Francisco where I live. At first, I arranged a hone visit by one of their sales guys who showed me all the options the could provide and when I saw the cost was a lot less than I ever imagined, I was sold! I decided that if I too the expert advice I had just gotten for free, I could tell my friend all about it. Well, she surprised me because she was really enthusiastic for me and kinda twisted my arm to stop hesitating and get back on the phone to that company and arrange for them to install the system they recommended. I did it and now I have a great new AC system that really does keep my home lovely and cool during summer. In no time at all, I was getting out my favorite CDs and dancing away to the music and really enjoying myself with no more oppressive heat to stop me! I even started losing some weight, looking and feeling better and now I make time every day to dance to my favorite songs and hardly even break a sweat!"