Pacific HVAC Depot

Welcome to PACIFIC HVAC DEPOT, a Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Sheet Metal wholesale distributor supply company. WBE, DBE, Small Bs Cert, SLEB Cert.

Pacific HVAC Depot is a wholesale distributor providing quality HVAC equipment, parts, and supplies to mechanical contractors in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have been serving the industry since the turn of the century and are currently poised for growth.

Our experience has taught us that our customers deserve professional service, competitive pricing, and after hours service for those emergency situations. Our goal is to earn your business every day.

Serving your Needs

We offer garden ventilation supplies. You get personalized service and we can refer quality installers that fit your budget. We have over 25 years of experience in ventilation and air filtration. Wholesale/Retail. We have it all.

We have a full line of quality products, insulated air duct, mini split air conditioning units, air filters, tapes, sealants and more including specialist products from third party AC companies such as AirConergy LLC maker of the innovative, economical HVAC SmartChip, for example. Get on our email list for weekly specials, News articles and new products.

OUR ORGANIZATION: Our certifications are:

Please note this website has been updated and resurrected from the original that was active for several years from 2003. New pages and informational articles are being added to bring everything up to date with respect of products and services, but older material that is still available may be outdated.

The business is no longer active but the information that it provided to those involved in this area is still important enough that it was decided to keep it for convenience. More current data concerning modern HVAC systems and components is contained in recent articles that can be found below.